• Testimonials

  • I've been a patient of Dr. Stroumza's and Dr. Jain for a couple of years and they have both been fantastic in my dental care. I have a really complicated case and they have both been terrific in making sure they study my particular situation and put together a long term plan.

    They're both professionals who genuinely care about you as a patient. They're always checking to make sure you're comfortable and explain everything that's going on during the procedure so you understand what's happening next.

    They also have the most sophisticated technology and equipment I've ever seen at a dental office - they both stay up to date about new techniques (Sr. Stroumza even teaches other dentists on new techniques) so you know your treatment is the latest available solution in the field.

    Their office manager Dimitri is also super nice and easy to work with.

    I highly recommend this practice!

    Pablo G.

  • I've been through many dentists and oral surgeons, and I'm glad I ended up with Dr. Stroumza and Dr. Jain (I am a patient of both). Dr. Stroumza is a meticulous, skilled oral surgeon, so good that I know longer dread root canals. Dr. Jain is a conscientious and careful dentist who is especially helpful with preventative strategies. I find their prices to be reasonable (and in any case I believe their quality will be remembered long after the price is forgotten).

    RIchard S.

  • I've been a patient of Dr. Stroumza's for 15 years, and now, finally, I'm getting around to singing his praises. No one wants to have a root canal, but when payback for a childhood of eating candy catches up with us, thankfully here's an endodontist with the artistic skills and sensitivity to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Although the time it takes for a root canal is unavoidable, I've never had any pain during a procedure, and his continuous concern for my comfort was greatly appreciated. His practice has amazing, state-of-the-art equipment, and the office environment is calm and soothing: there's even plenty of parking. Dr. Stroumza has had his hands on just about all of my molars over the years and I'm grateful for his extraordinarily talent. Did I mention he's also charming? If you need a root canal, sure, you could find someone less expensive - but if you want it done by a skilled professional, truly an artist in the profession, he should be your first choice.

    Kurt M.

  • Sometimes you get what you pay for! Similar to a couple of the other reviewers, I have had some real problems with abcessed roots, failed root canals and dying roots. At the recommendation of my Dentist Dr. Linder (also excellent), I started going to Dr. Stroumza for root canals and implants about 10 years ago. 4 root canals and 3 implants later, I can say that I've come to really like and trust Dr. Stroumza to do what is best for my teeth. Yes indeed, I am MUCH poorer for it, but if you have a complex situation and difficult roots, definitely consult with him to see what he'd advise. He's very good at problem solving and is very exact in his work.
    He's also a very nice person. And he loves what he does. When I had my wisdom teeth extracted he referred me to Dr. Rabinovich and wanted to come and "watch" the extraction just because he's that interested.

    Priscilla C.

  • I don't often write reviews, but after seeing the previous reviewer bemoaning the fees at Spruce Dental I wanted to respond. Yes, it's true the fees are higher than a run-of-the-mill dental practice, but Dr. Stroumza is not your average dentist. I have had many dental issues over the years - root canals, implants, caps, etc. - and I have never felt as confident, comfortable and cared for as when I'm at Spruce.

    The quality of the work, the care they demonstrate and the level of experience and knowledge are unsurpassed. They use the latest equipment and the latest techniques, which is why Dr. Stroumza teaches and lectures other dentists on endodontics, implantology, omptimal root canal practices and so on.

    "Caveat emptor" is true. But so is "you get what you pay for".

    Jon W.