• Digital X-Rays

  • The staff at our practice have been specially trained to use our state-of-the-art equipment used in digital x-rays to produce the best quality results.

    Images are important in order to determine the unique treatment required to treat our patients specific dental needs. With our digital x-ray system, the radiation dosage is at a significantly lower level than most imaging provided by other methods. We are proudly able to offer systems that fit our patients needs as technology advances.

    Our advanced dental imaging provides many advantages, not only for the patient, but for the doctor as well. Allowing not only for the patient to experience having images taken in under a minute, but being exposed to minimum radiation dosage. As for our convenience, the system allows for the doctor to view printed images at high resolution that not only show a complete visualization of the nerves, but also allow images to view the sinuses, teeth, and bones that help better to aid disorders such as TMJ, the placement and planning of implants, and even procedures involving oral surgery or orthodontic treatment.

    Panoramic Image

    The digital panoramic unit is capable of capturing images in the area of the lower face and line of jaws, the image provides a clear visual of the maxillary sinuses, mandibular condyles, maxilla, nose, and mandible. The panoramic image also displays erupted and unerupted teeth, as well as the root alignment.

    3D Rendering

    This is software that allows the manipulation of the images taken by the xrays, still allowing the measurements and distances to remain accurate. This is a great opportunity to decide what procedure will produce the most desired outcome.

    X Rays

    X-rays are important tools that are used in preventative diagnosis to provide information not available during a regular exam. The images obtained from a dental x-ray help the doctor and hygienists to safely detect any abnormalities to help direct an appropriate treatment plan. There are certain problems that may be undetected without the help of dental xrays, such problems include:

    •  Bone Loss
    •  Tumors (cancerous and non-cancerous)
    •  Poor tooth or root positions
    •  Cysts or abscesses
    •  Decay between teeth

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