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  • The best way to make a good first impression is with a good looking smile. At Spruce Dental we employ the top cosmetic dental professionals in San Francisco. Our extensive knowledge from over 25 years in dentistry is unsurpassable. You can trust us to transform your smile and give you the confidence you need to take on whatever life may have in store.

    Though cosmetic dentistry focuses on the aesthetics of your smile, it may improve your overall oral health as well. Even if you are not aware of it, an askew tooth or overbite may be throwing off your balance and be putting extra stress on your teeth or jaw muscles. Cosmetic dentistry may alleviate some pain and discomfort you have been experiencing due to improper alignment.

    There are many other benefits to improving the appearance of your smile. Some of the positive outcomes of cosmetic dentistry include:

    Improved Mood

    When you love your smile you are likely to show it off more often. Studies have shown that the simple act of smiling can put you, and others around you, in a better mood. Scientific American published an article that goes over how smiling can improve your mood, the mood of others around you, and even decrease feelings of pain. The more you smile the better you and everyone else will feel!

    Friendly Environment

    Per Psychology Today, smiles are contagious and make people feel better. When you’re proud of your teeth you’re likely to smile more and in turn influence others around you to smile more as well. Their smiles will make them feel happier and create a welcoming and friendly environment.

    Better Relationships

    Cosmetic dental procedures tend to rejuvenate patients and leave them smiling prouder and bigger than ever before. The journal Motivation and Emotion published an article that found people who had bigger smiles were more stable in their marriages and interpersonal skills. Your new welcoming smile may even help you forge stronger relationships with new and old friends that can last a lifetime.

    Healthier Overall

    A good looking smile is usually a good working smile. By balancing your bite and evening out the tension in your mouth you allow it to function better.  It’s important to your overall health for your mouth to function properly. If you are not properly chewing your food long enough because your teeth, gums, or jaw are in pain you might not be absorbing all the nutrients your food has to offer. When food is chewed longer it is broken down into smaller particles that are absorbed quicker by the body. Also, the longer you chew the longer it will take you to finish eating. Research has shown that eating slowly can help you eat less and in turn increase weight loss or reduce weight gain. In a study conducted by a professor at the University of Rhode Island people actually ate around ten percent less calories when they ate slower.  Obesity is a huge health problem that affects everyone across the world and can have irreversible repercussions. With a proper functioning mouth you can help yourself live a healthier, and potentially longer, life.

    Increased Longevity

    With the help of our Spruce Dental cosmetic dentistry team we can help you feel more confident and proud of your smile. And the more you show off your great smile the longer you might live. A study conducted by a professor at Wayne State University discovered that the intensity of smiles in pictures correlated to life spans. Those with stronger smiles tended to live longer than those with weaker smiles or no smiles at all. With the help of cosmetic dentistry you may be able to smile on and strong into your twilight years.


    A great smile can help you focus and succeed in life. Professors at the University of California, Berkeley, conducted an experiment in which they analyzed pictures of women and checked in with them at various stages of their lives. It turns out that the women who had expressions that seemed to reflect more positive emotions also ended up feeling more capable, focused, organized, goal-oriented and less prone to negativity. Your beaming smile can help you lead the life you always wanted.

    Appealing Appearance

    Cosmetic dentistry aims to give you a beautiful looking smile. You no longer have to hide behind a closed mouth smirk or post pouty pics. With our help you can have a beautiful smile that will make you feel proud and confident to face the world!

    Spruce Dental is here to help you stop suffering and start being more confident. Whether you have gone your whole life with a missing tooth or you recently chipped it, you deserve to have a smile you are proud of. We use a variety of techniques to get you the smile you have always wanted.

    To schedule a consultation call our San Francisco office at (415) 221-6301 or send an email to sprucedental@icloud.com.   We are conveniently located in San Francisco, CA. Come see us to learn more about the techniques we use to give you the best smile ever!

    Don’t be shy. Ask our Spruce Dental staff about the great results we’ve achieved with our cosmetic dentistry patients.

    Start your path to a beautiful new smile today!