• About Us

  • Dr. Ratna Jain DDS, MA

    Dr. Jain is currently practicing at Spruce Dental located in Laurel Heights of San Francisco. Spruce Dental was the first dental office to be recognized as a San Francisco Green Business in 2006. After receiving her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Pacific (UOP) San Francisco in 1995, she worked as an adjunct faculty at UOP until 2005 as clinic instructor for oral diagnosis and treatment planning. She received a MA degree in 1990 at UCLA studying molecular biology after receiving her Bachelor of Science from University of CA Davis in 1987.

  • Dr. Jerome H. Stroumza DDS, MS, DSc

    Dr Jerome H. Stroumza received his DDS in Paris, France with emphasis on endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery and radiology.

    After practicing and teaching in Paris, he decided to pursue further training at UCLA for a Masters of Science in Oral Biology where he did research in growth factors and the extraction and testing of BMP (Bone Morphogenic Protein) discovered by Professor Urist.

    He then attended his training at Boston University with Professor Schilder where he received his endodontic specialty and his Doctorate of Science for his research on human osteoblastic cell migration and the impact of endotoxin in the healing of lesions of endodontic origin.

    Since teaching at UCSF, he maintains a full time practice in San Francisco continuing to teach in his Institute as well as nationally and internationally.

    Dr. Stroumza is the inventor of the EndoImplantology approach blending the knowledge of endodontics, bone grafting, implantology and three dimensional radiography and addressing the paradigm shift for the management of complex endodontic cases.